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The Plugin Browser v2.0 (Jan 16, 2023)

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I've revised the user interface.


You can now apply multiple filters (Keywords, Authors, Menus, Built-in, Bookmarks).

If you apply too many filters, you will see 0 results.


Let me know if you have an issues, or if have suggestions.


Go to the first post for the download.



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In my opinion, it's more convenient.


Without taking into account the old shortcomings:
1) "Keywords" is empty with a standard set. It's strange to see this area first.
2) It is possible to make the status "Disabled" for empty windows.
3) The "All" button can be useful to not select single filters. I would suggest "All" and "None" buttons instead of "Reset".
4) The search button (magnifying glass) has not been replaced since the previous version. For me, the gray color and the lack of animation/hand cursor make the button feel inactive.
5) Place a cross next to the magnifying glass to quickly clear the field and reset the search results. I think this is more useful than reselecting filters to return results without taking into account the search.

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  • toe_head2001 changed the title to The Plugin Browser v2.0 (Jan 16, 2023)

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