The Plugin Browser v1.3.0.2 (Sept 28, 2018)

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Hi @toe_head2001


Thanks for your answer!


(1) Z. B. in this thread Seerose on 14.9 and 29.9.18. There are still more reports on these pages. The Broswer I had until yesterday had no problems with gmic. Only today the page said goodbye without a hint. I only noticed it when I quit Stylize and had to go back to (normal until yesterday was that gmic automatically went back when stylize was quit. Maybe this browser doesn't like gmic :-))) I can't say anything else, because I didn't get a message about the crashes.
What can I do? I don't know. I have no idea how to solve such a problem. Maybe upload the old gmic insurance again and delete the new version. Maybe it will work, even if it wouldn't be very positive. I haven't read yet that other forum participants with gmic crashed at So probably a new problem - with gmic? or with me :-)))))))


(2) I did some stylize via After finishing in gmic, I had to go back to myself, where I found a hint to the crash of instead of the pictures merged with stylize. I'm afraid it's the plugin Stylize, 
Currently gmic is no longer working in No matter what I click, nothing moves. I will uninstall it and reload the old version. 


Greetings from Hamburg

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Hi @HyReZ


II have the Broswer only one day and I have problems, which can have happened however also by the completely new g'mic. 
You are lucky :-))))) and I have to come with the fire engine, dispose of the new gmic and revive the old one - I hope it works! ;)

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It works, I downloaded the previous version of gmic from again and I can edit all pictures,

even Stylize works again in Paint.Net.
Krita is running the whole new version.
I think the new version is super great, but a working Paint.Net is more valuable for me. :-)))))



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Inquiry for everyone who uses Bookmarks in The Plugin Browser:

How often do you type in a comment when adding a bookmark?

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