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Rectangular select on the top of complicated selection is very slow

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Dear Paint.NET community,


I have noticed that the following flow causes a considerable freeze of Paint.NET:

  1. I use "Magic Wand" to select the background of the picture. The background is almost the same colour across all the image, and foreground image has winding edge, so selection border is not trivial.
  2. I switch to "Rectangle" select tool and I want to add a rectangular area to selection. When I press mouse button down and start dragging, I already don't see the rectangle select border. When l release the mouse button, Paint.NET becomes frozen for about 30 seconds and Windows adds "(Not responding)" to window title. After that time I see that action is correctly applied.

The example of selection after step (1) is here. Would be nice if:

  • Rectangle select border is correctly drawn when the tool is used; one may need to disable current selection blinking for a while to save CPU time.
  • Rectangle select works faster when adding/subtracting selection from current one.

More info:

  • Windows 7 x64, Intel Core i7 3.2 GHz
  • Paint.NET 4.0.12
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