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Can I automate this process?

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I have thousands of images I want to save in a specific jpg format:


they need to end up 1680x1050 with a black background.

If they do not fill the image area. In most case I would prefer oversized images to have at least one dimension reduced to the target and that dimension will make the other dimension smaller than the target (2000x4000 --> 525x1050 then centered on a black 1680x1050.

I have very large images (5200x3250) all the way down to very small images (250x250).

I do not mind if it is two steps, but is one possible? Is any of it possible? So far I do each one individually by hand in paint and it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r.


Any ideas would help.


I do have Faststone photo resizer, which will only bring them closer to the 1680x1050; it misses some, ignores some but otherwise is a good batched first step; it sorts out/creates many perfectly-sized images, doesn't make a border, but has nice adjustments for compression and other options.



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Paint.net is not designed for batch processing. Have a look at IrFanView.

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