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Anyway to fix edgy pixel'd sides?

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Hiya y'all. 


Regards, I'll like to know how to remove pixel'd edges on the sides, if you don't know what i am talking about i'll show you a screenshot.

As you can see, on the lime part you can see that it's looks kind of a weird. 

s there anyway i can fix it? With a plugin or something else? Smart paint bucket fill plugin please respond!


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Hi @Crashark.  Ahhhh - the dreaded jaggies!


Here is one way:


Work on a good sized canvas and have the black lines and then the color fill, on their own layers.


On the Black lines use Feather.

Select the space in between and make a new layer and fill it.

Feather the green again and flatten your image.


Also - a PDNers best friend is the AA's Assistant as well.






Hope this works for you.


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