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Problem with Recoloring

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I wanted to change all the pink squares to the same light blue(0/255/255).


I used the recolor tool.





Then I clicked one of the pink squares. And this is what I got:



Some of the pink squares didnt change (as expected, since I have 23 tolerance).

However, the squares that changed color did not change to the correct blue (0/255/255).

I used color picker on one of the squares as shown below. The color was 0/255/238. 



My PDN version is 6.jpg

I do not remember seeing this before. So...

Is this a bug or designed to be like this? 


And the most important thing is : How can I change similar colors to one particular color?


Can anyone help please?

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Set Primary as the color you want. Set the secondary color as the color you want to remove. In the toolbar, make sure you're sampling using the secondary  see:


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