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How to make algorythmes/bots


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How can i made a bot that do some thing for me like :

Make me a new image by 70x61p

Fill it with red

Apply noises (with 15 as fisrt parameter , 23 as ....)

Draw a rectangle at 0,0 with a weight of 10 and a height of 28

Save it sa .png file on my desktop



Is there any program to do it ?

Or must i use a program that record my keyboard and my mouse mouvement and redo it ?


Thank for reading my

I hope my english is not so bad

I hope i will be president of the Planet

I hope too many thing

I writte to many useless setence ... ¦| .


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Some of that can be done by writing a plugin or, probably more easily, with pyrochild's ScriptLab, but some cannot. Neither a plugin nor ScriptLab can create a new image or write an image to a file. Recently, toe_head2001 posted a link to an interesting technique that might perhaps allow you to do what you want, though I haven't yet read it carefully enough to fully understand it.


File-type plugins can read in images and write to files, so perhaps some sort of very unusual file-type plugin could do it. I would guess that using some method of recording the keystrokes would be much easier.

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Ok merci beaucoup pour ta réponse rapide.

Je te parle français car je suis français et que tu a l'air de l'être aussi (a moi que tu kiff le chat noir sans etre francais)

Je peux creer et sauvegarder une image tout seul, ce n'est pas le plus embêtant. 

Merci beaucoup en tout cas pour script lab, c'est exactement ce que je cherchait



Just in case you re not french :

OK thank you very much for your fast answer.

I can create and save my image by miself, it is not most annoying. 
Thank you for script lab, it is exactly what I was looking for :D


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