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Transparency issue

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I have an image that is made up from a number of different layers and every layer has a transparent background. On any particular layer, if I cut/copy part of the image that is displayed and move it over another part of the image (on the same layer) the area of transparency that is also copied masks the area of the image I'm moving it to.

Why isn't the transparency 'transparent'?



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You're copying a region which includes the transparent pixels. You can probably use the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: to select just the opaque pixels.


If you don't wish to use the wand, the best way to achieve what you want is to paste the copied selection into a new layer immediately above the one you want it copied to. Then merge down.


Alternative: duplicate the layer (assuming you want the entire thing copied), drag the new layer immediately above the target layer and merge down.

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1 hour ago, GingerOverlord said:

OK, so transparency doesn't work within the same layer? Is that what you are saying?


No. I think you misunderstand what you're seeing. When you paste a selection that has a transparent region into another layer, the transparency is also pasted. So when you move the selection around, the transparency replaces any opaque pixels in the layer it was pasted into. For instance, suppose you have a completely transparent layer and a completely opaque layer. If you make a circular selection while the transparent layer is active, copy it, then paste it into the opaque layer, there will be a transparent round hole in the opaque layer which you can move around. The transparency has been pasted into the opaque layer. It isn't blended with the pixels in the opaque layer. If you want it blended, you need to paste into a new layer.


I suggest you:

Open a new image.

Add a new layer (don't duplicate the background layer).

Select a region in the new, transparent layer with one of the selection tools.

Paste it into the opaque layer.


I think you'll see what I mean.


EDIT: I guess I see what you mean, and the answer is, "Sort of, yes." The transparency doesn't work within the same layer because when you paste into a layer, the selection replaces what's in the layer, it isn't blended with it. That's the way it works, and (in my opinion) the way it should work. As I said, to get the result you want, paste the selection into a new layer. You can re-position it, and when you get it where you want it, you can merge the layer down.

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