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Futuristic looking frame - How do I do that?


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Greetings people of the forum,

Normally a lurker I was unfortunately not able to find anything to help me out with my issue.


As you can see in this picture there are two semi transparent boxes on the bottom left corner. Since this is a stream overlay text is supposed to go there, however, as it is now, there whole thing is a bit plain and I want to make it a bit prettier! So the current idea is, that I frame those boxes with like a futuristic looking border hugging the "display". However, I got no idea how to do that. Furthermore, if that is not possible with Paint.net or is just possible in a very low quality (like really really badly) what would you suggest in place of those metallic frames?


Thanks for the help :) 


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Hello Saia, if you can give the bokes a glassy look would be nice I think. Something to match the "sails" glassy-sails-506e2d5.png


Maybe this tutorial can help you. I think you can transfer some of the techniques to a rectangle.


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46 minutes ago, dipstick said:

It is certainly possible to do in PDN. Your problem however is in a lack of imagination, not execution. You need to first come up with a good idea in detail, then execute that idea using layers, blending modes, and/or filters.


Good luck and have fun.

Hmmm I think I just described it very badly. For that I probably should add up on this:


Those parts now marked in red ornamented in something along the lines of this just with more appropriate colors to not stand out too much. However I have no idea how to make this kind of texture. That's what I would need help with (also I would like to have it a bit more detailed than the image shown with parts seemingly having more ports etc, but I guess that is already pushing it for my skill).



Thank you very much for the tutorial I will look into it immediately!

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