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Feature Request: brush - blending mode - blur/feather

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Many times I have needed my brush tool to do a generic Gaussian Blur just a few pixels. Currently, the only way to do this is to select an area, then use Effect - Blurs - Gaussian - select radius - OK. 


I would very much like this to be an added "Blending Mode" option to the Brush tool, or better still, have this as a separate Tool entirely.

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Hello and welcome justafyde :D


Separate tool? Try @pyrochild's magnificent Smudge plugin


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I looked into the plug-ins. Forgive my confusion - my understanding was that every plug-in would only give another filter? The "Smudge" tool, which I specifically looked at had very little to explain what it does and how it is meant to function, however the way I read it the result would only "smear" some part of an image in a given direction.


I'll see about the "Dodge and Burn".

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Plugins can be much more powerful than mere filters ;)


Smudge Tool:


Imagine a paint brush which smudges/blurs areas as you 'paint' with it. The brush smudges the underlying pixels in the direction you're moving the brush.


If you want a small circular blur, try making small circles with the tool.


Options include the size & shape of the brush tip, smoothness (amount of blur) & strength (how aggressive the effect is).


For more ways to use it, see


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Thanks Ego and Red.


I tried the "Dodge and Burn" tool. It does what I want.


However, It is very clunky - it feels like I'm on an old PC with a slow processor. My guess is that all the plugins will behave that way. The process is long winded and starting the tool overlays everything else, so multipurposing (switching functions quickly) is not possible. Once the actions of the plugin are done and you click okay it closes - at which point "undo" will undo everything. Anyways, for now I can complete my task.


I still think a blur/feather tool is a needed new feature.

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more thanks
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Another way you could try (no plugins needed)


1. Duplicate the layer with the image.:LayersDuplicateLayer:
2. Apply Gaussian blur (built-in) to the top layer.
3. Move this layer below the original layer.:LayersMoveLayerDown:
4. select the top (unblurred) layer then use the eraser to 'paint' the blur ( by erasing and showing the blurred layer beneath).
5. When finished merge the layer down.:LayersMergeLayerDown:


Note that the eraser has a hardness control like the brush.
It is very easy to select the wrong layer when doing this so keep an eye on which layer is selected (highlighted pale blue) - may be worth naming them too.

Good luck!

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