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Creating silk steak type pattern

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hello community.

i was wondering if i could get some pointers, tips and advice to create some thing like the attached pattern.

mostly just the streak effect that looks like it folds over it self towards the bottom. (the trangle sections ill just use a layer for them)


i am a complete noob but willing to learn the skills, i just dont know where to start.




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I have one more tip... 

Add another layer and change its mode to Multiply and use the gradient tool using (white and blue) make sure u use Linear reflected and Difference mode.


On the same layer do apply gradient several times and you will get the courtain effect.




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First, make sure you choose the setup as in the screenshot above. Then start painting with the gradient tool from left to right (at this point your canvas will be covered with the gradient colors you chose) press ENTER. Do the same thing again, you may start at a different point on your canvas and give it a slight angle (Your canvas will change color but that is OK). Press Enter Again. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with your silky tissue. 


If you are satisfied with your texture but not with the color you can Adust the color an convert it to Sepia. Then Adjust again the color by changing the Hue / Saturation. You can also make it more dramatic (darker) by adjusting the Levels.


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wow i envy people like you that understand this stuff. just playing around now and it looks nothing like the sample but still looks amazing. it sort of looks like jagged water reflection. but its made me smile.

i think i was too random with my gradient repeats. very fun though.


thanks again for your time

sample 1.JPG

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