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Bug? It really bugs me!


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The one thing that keeps grating at my PAINT.NET experience (and it is a wonderful experience otherwise - I haven't used PS in years now, can't afford it anyway) is the annoying and flow-killing required double click to access a tool from the toolbox!  Drives me crazy! In the middle of something I need to see it closer, so I think I select the magnifying glass, but all I've really done is open the toolbox to accessibility! Drives me crazy!!

Can't it ALWAYS be open and ready for a one-click tool selection? Is that a bug? Could you fix it? Please? :)


My OTHER 'bug' is the inability to paint with an effect - in PS I could paint a blur... that a bug?  Can you fix it?


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You can always use the keyboard shortcuts http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/KeyboardMouseCommands.html

Magnify? Use Ctrl + mouse wheel.



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