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Looking for a plugin.

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Hi, I'm new on the forums, my name is Natsu. But I didn't come here to introduce myself, I'm looking for a plugin I used to have in a previous version of Paint.NET. It basically let me resize any pixelated art while keeping the resolution it had previous to resizing. So if I wanted to double the size of a 1x1 pixelated 16x16 gun using the tool I would get a 1x1 pixelated 32x32 gun. I've been looking for it like crazy and the fact that I don't remember the name makes it even worse. Does anybody know the name and where can I find it?

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18 minutes ago, toe_head2001 said:

That tool certainly does a good job, although not perfect, I still have to do a lot of work for myself to get a proper resize. I guess it'll have to do, for now, thanks. There was a plugin for Paint.NET, different from that tool that did the same, I don't remember if I had to put up with changing things myself, though.

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