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Downscaling line images

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I am trying to do a retro-styled videogame in a very small true resolution (320x224), I can deal with the tileset drawing, but I'm definitely not good with the in-game sprites.


I got an idea time ago, that I could draw the sprites in paper, scan them all, and then downscale and color it with pixels over. But I finally accepted this idea after seeing how in a recently leaked prototype version of a well-known game the creators used the very same method, and lots of enemies and objects seem to be scanned drawings:



So I done the same, and drew a sprite, which according to the other also small sprites should be 24x32 px in size. Here is the scanned image after a few in-editor fixes and cleanup (removing the grid lines inside the drawing mostly):



I'd like to downscale it to my target size, so I can color with pixels over in a different layer. Downscaling to 24x32 under Paint.NET gives an useless result, using both Bilinear and Nearest neighbor. What can I try? Is it even possible to work this way nowadays?

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Don't resize! Instead, overlay a large grid with the correct number of cells (i.e. 24x32). Use that as your coloring guide in a new tiny 24x32 pixel image. In other words, each large cell in the large image becomes one colored pixel in the small image.


You can use any of a number of gird makers. I like the one in BoltBait's plugin pack


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Very cool! B)


Trick I use to view larger-than-intended draw pixel art: I squint at them. I find this blurs the edges and gives me a much stronger impression as to how they will look at the reduced size.


One thing you might consider: continue the red body behind the articulated tail and jaw. I think the thin white region detracts from the overall effect. Especially if you want to animate the tail and jaw later....


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