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Silent .net install error unrecognizable by user

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Your unexpectedly quick-working forums software just erased my longer message, which had taken me 15 minutes to formulate. Great. This is what actually happened...


Paint.net did not install. Installation aborted without prompt, without error message. Inside task manager the .exes where just gone: .net install replaced paint install, then .net (framework) install disappeared. No warning, no message.


Took me 20 long minutes to look into the paint.net install .exe's file system (unpacked it with 7zip) and found the .net web installer. Ran it. says the following:




Blocking Issues:

Setup cannot continue because a previous installation requires your computer to be restarted. Please restart your computer and rerun Setup.

The <A HREF="http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=403643&clcid=[[clcid]]">update corresponding to KB2919355</A> needs to be installed before you can install this product on Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2.



The thing is not my PC or its OS, nah...


The thing is, (APART FROM YOUR FORUM EATING UP, no -- throwing into black holes long-developed postings) that the paint.net install neither monitors the .net install nor lifts its invisibility parameter ever.


So, if a mistakes makes .net framework install stop, the user will never see it. That is not good, guys. Two ideas for you:


1st monitor the .net install, grab the error message out of its windows or simply visualize the error window. Good, that's hacky and hard to maintain on a longer scale, so:

2nd (and better)




Come on guys, fix this terrible backdoor for frustration and slight feeling of ignorance-caused brain horror. Fixing this .NET thing on the OS is no problem to someone who can efficiently use paint.net ... but I had to decompress an .exe file !!! Absolute no-go in my opinion.


Thanks, bye

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What I wanted to write earlier was, it would be nice if somebody could forward this idea with the registry key to the authors of paint.net ... and see, what they think about it.


So kind that would be,


was a pleasure, bye.

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I too have run ito a serious issue with these pre-requisite updates needed to install starting from Paint.NET 4.06 and above because that needs  .NET Framework 4.6.1.


Here is a summary of what I found out so far.  .NET Framework 4.6.1 needs the following updates for it to be installed. I downloaded each of them manually from Microsoft's websiste for updates.


These update KB's must be installed in the following order if you are using a manual update method and if those updates are not already installed via the built-in Windows Update on the Control Panel: KB2919442, clearcompressionflag.exe, KB2919355, KB2932046, KB2959977, KB2937592, KB2938439, and KB2934018. I decided to install all 8 of these components one after another in sequence. After those updates, .NET Framework was installed successfully.


The "install instructions" on this Microsoft page mentions the sequence.





KB2919442 is a prerequisite of KB2919355 else the latter fails to install which I experienced.



Good luck.

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