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Select multiple sections of an image

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Anyone could please teach me(if it is even possible) how i could select different parts of an image, then copy, then paste those in many separated images... Example: an image where have 3 houses together, select house 1, select house, 2, select house 3, click button copy, next step, how could i paste those selections into 3 different images, is that possible? Or i will have to do one by one?(This i know how to do) But i got some images which i need to split, if there would be this possibility would be fantastic.

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After you have made the CTRL+ selections the three houses will all be held in one clipboard image. Paste this into three new images using Ctrl + Alt + V three times. Then all you need to do is remove the extra houses from the extra images.


Looking at your workflow - why not do the selections individually and past them into a new image?


Select house 1, paste into new image Ctrl + Alt + V

Select house 2, Paste into new image with Ctrl + Alt + V

Select house 3......

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