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I was playing around with my new toy (Kdenlive) today and made a cool slideshow from some pictures I took. Everything was made with Kdenlive and PDN running in Linux. I exported to HEVC, so you may or may not be able to play it. This site will only allow max size of 2.4MB, so I had to downscale to 720p and reduce quality, sorry.


Anyway enjoy...




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:/:/:/ - I'm only hearing music - no pictures are showing


(why are the emoticons acting strangely?  Getting three at once?  And in the wrong place)  Gremlins?



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5 hours ago, Red ochre said:

The shot with the white headed eagle in front of the moon is impressive. 'Real' shot or composite via Pdn?
Quality seems fine at 720p.


You caught me Red. I actually sat for a few minutes hopping to catch an Eagle fly by the Moon. That got old after a while and made my own via PDN. It does look convincing, even at full high quality resolution.


If anyone can only play music, but not video, it's because your player doesn't have an hevc decoder. You can use VLC of MPC-HC to ply it if you'd like. I encoded hevc to keep the file size tiny.

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It is very convincing - that's why I had to ask! ... just call it 'artistic license'.;)


My camera (Canon SX40HS) has too many (unwanted) options.
I see the perfect composition then spend 5 minutes trying to get the right settings (& swearing) and completely miss the shot!:lol:


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