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lines off the canvas

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In an earlier version, if I drew a 'shape' across an magnified A1 canvas,  ie, with the canvas edges hidden,  approaching the edge of the frame, the cursur would allow the canvas to scroll slowly, showing more of the 'shape' until the cursur was stopped. Depending on how much past the edge the cursur was taken, so the scrolling would speed up. All very convenient for drawing shapes to a specific size.

Now in version 4.10, touching the frame edge causes the canvas to instantly scroll to the canvas edge, losing control of the shape size. This makes drawing shapes in high percentage magnification almost impossible.

Is it possible to modify this scolling effect in 4.10, so that it behaves like the earlier version?

I began using paint about 15 years ago for drawing building plans, etc, Now paintnet makes the process so much better - it's a brilliant programme, particularly as I could never justify paying AutCAD prices.

I do, incidently, donate! Well worth it. 

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