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Artwork photo reproduction retouching

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Hi All,



Where can I find some help / tutorials on retouching artwork photo reproductions, for creating prints.


I need especially help with removing hotspots from glossy canvas paintings or iridescence


I have used ambient lighting and a uv filter on my digital SLR, as suggested by a photographer.


Are there any such tutorials for paint.net?


Thanks in advance for your attention.






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This is where we house the photo manipulation tutorials - see if there is anything there that can help http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/22-image-and-photo-touch-ups/

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As I almost always say in such cases, could you provide a picture of the type of thing you want to correct? You'd have to be quite lucky to find something addressing exactly your problem, but if you post an example, someone might be able to suggest something. It all depends on how much information is left in the hotspot, and how much and what kind on information was there to begin with. If you have a washed-out constant color, that's one thing. If you have a face completely obscured by the hotspot -- well, good luck with that.

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The Shadow and Highlight recovery effect may help some.


Also, it is said that if you shot your photos using the RAW format, you can correct images easier than when the photos are JPEGs. I am not sure if Paint.Net can work with RAW files. I have never tried because I do not a have a camera that can save RAW images.


Member Sarkut proposed a way to fix a picture with Glare.


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I often photograph oil paintings and it is hellishly difficult to avoid light reflections and still get even lighting over the whole surface!
The best results I have found are by photographing under natural diffuse daylight. Artificial light messes with the colours too much.


To avoid reflections try photographing from different angles - the resulting distortions can be fixed with TR's 'Distort this' plugin.
(The Camera Lens correction plugin is also useful). This is often easier than moving the painting around.
Small differences in lighting can be reduced by duplicating the layer and adjusting the Brightness/Contrast then using the gradient tool in transparency mode to blend this back with the first image.


Good luck!


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If we're discussing photography as well as PDN, you (the original poster, that is) might try using a polarized filter. Light reflected off glossy surfaces is generally polarized, so shooting with a properly-oriented polarized filter can help remove it. Or so I'm told.


My first thought (which may be completely off base) is to use a directional light angled way off center, so all the reflections are to the opposite side instead of to the center.


I've seen (but not read) whole books devoted to photographing artworks. Finding and reading such a book might help.

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Forget trying to recover blown highlights, the information is lost and can not be properly recovered. Re-shooting is your best plan. I would shoot in indoors in even light or outdoors on a cloudy day or early in the morning. Use a tripod, set ISO to lowest setting, shoot with slow shutter speed and high F-stop.


You can shoot RAW, but PDN lacks the bit-depth to take advantaged of the higher detail.


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