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Any Glow-out effect plugins?

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I'm wondering if anybody can recommend a v4 compatible glow effect plugin that allows the glow to emanate from a selection ?


The built in glow only seems to apply glow to the whole image, however I need some small selections to "glow" (I build ui images).


I've looked through the plugin list, and I've tried the two "glow" plugins, but neither do what I'm looking for.  There used to be an amazing glow plugin in Paint Shop Pro (before it got destroyed by Corel).


Thanks in advance,



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It would help if you could post could an example of what you're looking for.


(Also, strictly speaking, no plugin could make a glow which emulates from a selection, since a plugin can only modify the area inside the selection. I'm pretty sure the same limitation applies to Paint Shop Pro, so perhaps you could explain in more detail how the PSP glow effect was used. Do you perhaps mean a glow around an object, where an "object" is a region surrounded by transparency?)



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I actually don't have an example at the moment.


However, you described it perfectly. I'm looking for a glow around an object effect, and yes, the object is the selection that I have.


Its useful when your trying to make something within the image look "lit up" like a glowing light.

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