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Recording Gameplay (video games)

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Who don't play games in these times !?

Off course, Everyone tried to play 1-2 at least games in his life.

Well, this title is for the Players who recording their own Gameplay.

Yo can choose any platform of game, starting from SNS, PS1/2/3/4, Wii, Gamecube or Xbox/360 and the Android & iPhnoe.

if i forgot to mention some platform you can write which was it.



1.Gameplay must be recording by you  & Played by you.

2. The game can between 3-30 minutes.

3. Recording must be on the Display only.

4.It can be only 1 game each recording.


Since i open this title i will start with game of Android from google store: Impulsion: Never Lose Hope.

which i played on my PC :mrcyan:









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