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Red ochre plugin pack 10.1 March 2017

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Pack updated. Both installer (for Pdn4+ only) and zipped pack.

BeznCurve fixed for Pdn4.

Flourish, Vanishing Point, CompoGrids and Poster added.


Thanks to BoltBait for the installer and for tweaking my upload limit to allow the pack to be attached.B)

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I love this pack! I have it installed and it's so nice and useful!



One of the reasons I originally installed it was to help with making static for a slender project... until I found out that the static placeholder I had at the time, was the static that was used in the original game... 

But still, I love the pack!

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I have the Windows store version of Paint.net and I cannot get this plug-in to work.


I've downloaded this plug-in and moved individual dll. files it contains to:


C:\Users\Gebruiker\Documents\paint.net User Files\paint.net App Files\Effects


I've also unblocked each file via right-click, 'properties'.


The plug-ins are not visible in Paint.net even after I restart the programme and the PC. 


Is anyone able to give any advice on this please?


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Hey can you help me for a bit? I am actually new to this program and tried your plugin pack. I installed them using your installer but I do not know what to do next. I just wanted the Bezncurve plugin but I don't think these other plugins are too bad. Also i checked for errors in plugins at the start. No errors. Can you help me on how to proceed?

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