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Can I edit multiple open images in PDN?

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I currently have Windows XP so can't test drive PDN.  I won't have Windows 10 until the end of the month.  However, based on the hours I've spent doing research on the PDN site it looks like it will be my replacement for Adobe PhotoDeluxe once I climb the learning curve.  (I only kept XP so long because PhotoDeluxe has been such a necessity.)  While I'm waiting to get Windows 10, I would like to double check that PDN will allow me to edit multiple open images at the same time (see explanation below).


I sell online and post a lot of photos in my listings.  For example, I might take 20 photos of one item including several macros of the same flaw(s).  In PhotoDeluxe I can open all 20 images and I understand that I can do the same in PDN and thumbnails of what I opened will display.  Then I bring the open photos in and out of the editing window so I can see them better while I decide which ones I actually want to use.  I usually start by cropping and resizing as needed, then I go back and I might add text and arrows to some, I might need to tweak the color in a few and maybe I'll use two or more in a collage.  Once I'm done editing all photos for my item, I save the edited photos one at a time as jpeg's to a folder.  Can I do the same thing in PDN:  work on a bunch of photos at once but not save and close them until I'm done with everything?  Maybe my answer is in the PDN documentation but I seem to have missed it.  Thank you.

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Loving paint.net come easily :D It's a great product and the developer (Rick) is keen to include users in the development cycle.


RE: multiple images - you might find these pages of the online documentation of interest http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ImageList.html and http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MainWindow.html

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