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Abstract texture?

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Hey all, I'm fairly new to the program Paint.NET. Recently I've wanted to create something similar to: ex1, ex2

as I was told they were made in the program.


However, when asked, the creator absolutely refused to share any sort of step to take.

I've tried experimenting with what's already in the program and searching the net for a possible plugin or tutorial, but to no avail.

Maybe it's already there and I'm just missing it. Help of any sort would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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I think I know how to... Give me a few minutes and I will show you an example :...


You need first Random Shape Fill effect made by Pyrochild...

You also need the Kaleidoscope effect... (You can also use Tr's Radial Extruder effect)

The flares can be made with Red Ochres... Highlight effect.


You can play with shapes and layers until you are satisfied. :)



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There are a gazillion ways to make abstract backgrounds. I personally like to put on some music for a movie and then just do random effects for half an hour. It's mostly because I don't know what I'm doing and also a way to learn how the plug-ins work.:P Start with random shapes or lines. Then head to the Distort section of the Effects and try stuff :)

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