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Is this possible?


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I really love using paint.net as my image editing software, but I have one question. I was wonder if I can make paint.net more like MSN Paint in the ways shown in the picture. The picture shows different actions, and how MSN Paint makes more crisp images, while paint.net works more smoothly. In A, you can see that in paint, if you were to fill a square, it would look like the first one, but paint.net produces the second result. B shows making a line, and how MSN Paint makes a clean line, while paint.net has a bit of extra on the side. C shows the outcome of both soft wares if you were to change the color of something using fill. Finally D is again filling a circle, showing what would happen. Is there anyway I make paint.net work like the left side? I know the smoothness is better, but I need to use crisp lines a lot, but MSN Paint has no features as good as paint.net. Thank you.


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