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CTRL+D to deselect?

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Apologizes if this has been brought up before (I looked) ...


Does CTRL+D no longer deselect the currently selected region?


It's driving me nuts, maybe I just didn't notice until now.  But If I select a region (lasso, area tool, whatever) and want to remove the selection, CTRL+D no longer does the trick.  CTRL+I will stil invert it (thankfully), but it seems ESC is now required?


Edit: ESC is not deselecting either.

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1 minute ago, BoltBait said:

Ctrl-D works for me.


Odd.  As a software developer, here's the easiest repro steps ever:


File -> New Image

CTRL+A (expected result -> select all / actual result -> select all) pass

CTRL + D to deselect (expected result -> deselect all / actual result -> nothing) fail


No idea why.

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Just now, BoltBait said:

What version of paint.net are you using?


Is your mouse located over the canvas when you do this? (Not over menus or tool bars/windows, etc.)


Yep, over the canvas.  I've literally been using the software since 2004 when it came out of WSU, and sadly on top of that I'm a senior C# dev (what it's written in).


It's odd, CTRL+A works to select, CTRL+D does nothing, but CTRL+Z to undo works fine.


I will try to run some tools, it must be something on my side maybe hooking the key command (never good).  I only noticed it in Paint.net.

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