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Dragging with the mouse wheel is "sticky"

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I've been a casual user of the program for a few years now so I do not know if this is an intended feature that I do not understand or a new bug, so forgive me if it's not the latter. 

I use my mouse with a fairly low dpi, so I make a lot of fast and precise movements. Recently after updating to 4.0.10, when I try to rapidly drag the canvas by clicking and holding the mouse wheel, the canvas tends to "stick" to the cursor longer than I keep the mouse wheel pressed. This is a huge issue when I try to rapidly drag from one end of the canvas to the other with my mouse. In some cases, it tends to stick for as long as I keep moving the mouse at a constant speed. The issue seems to be easier to reproduce when I am highly zoomed out and keeps getting harder to reproduce the more I zoom in, it happens enough to be bothersome when I use the program at "normal" zoom levels. 

I tried to make a video to visualize the problem, so I downloaded a program that has a circular indicator that shows when I am holding down the mouse wheel. The visualization, however, doesn't seem to be 100% representative of the exact timings an occasionally has slight delays, but I hope that it's enough to help get the gist of the problem. 

Here is the video:

Thank you for your time.

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Thanks, I've filed a bug for this. I've seen it a few times myself but have never been able to reliably reproduce it. I'll see what I can do though -- issues like this are generally higher priority for me to fix.

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