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[PROB] No possible to save changes on my page in Pictorium (Edit)

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Problem with edit my page on the Pictorium:


1. I cant save changes.

2. some gifs gone from the display.

3. massage i get: " pls refresh the page" - "if it  not help, pls go to admin, its issue of Data-Base"





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This is what I see when I try to edit the thread for my plugin pack:

(more accurately, when I click on "Save Modified Post")




The error has persisted all day.

I can edit my other posts without issue though.

(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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Exactly toe_head this is the one Error. :roll:


It's solved from some reason the other day and i could edit the page. but the prob seems like is repeated. today it came again :/


Well BoltBait, it's  seems like  a nice suggestion to write what you want in another post, but consider when you have a main page with all the basic needed details and you forgot to add details and members replay to you, you can find your page contain 3-4-5... pages. So now, when a new member or guest open your page he will need to read all the free pages to read the "Important Detail" that forgotten. B)


For my opinion, Main-Pages  should not have prob to edit any giving time for users and members. :)

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Sorry if my message was unclear. I was not suggesting to write your changes in a new post. I was just adding some information for those who will be looking into the situation.

I agree, this posting software is quite broken. Rick will need to submit a support request to the hosting company.

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I had the same error last night. Appears to be becoming more frequent :(

The forum has a number of automated tools which periodically rebalance & tune the forum. These should solve the glitch when next run.

Can anyone confirm my suspicion that the error appears when editing posts with attachments?

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I've just finished editing several of my posts. Most with attachments. No problems to report.

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You'll know when the ticket is resolved. I'm starting with an upgrade to the latest forum software. We're on 3.something and the new version is 4.something.


We'll see if that fixes this, and if not then I'll submit another ticket.

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