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Hey tinaavis.

You can use the Cutting Out Images the Easy Way tutorial to remove the head off one image and paste it onto another background.

May I draw your attention to the Search feature of the Forum? You can access this from the top right-hand of the Forum no matter which page you're on. With this, you can search for any key term from any section and have it return your results as either topics or posts. You'd be surprised at what you can get back with queries as simple as 'cutting' or 'heads' as the chances are that someone before you has asked the same question using the same word or phrase. (As you can see from the linked phrases, the Cutting Out tutorial is listed quite highly with both.)

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The Feather effect is part of BoltBait's plugin pack which is pinned to the Plugins section (meaning that it will always be close to the top of the first page).

The Line / Curve tool is explained thoroughly on its Help page. You can access the Help Documents via the menu command Help > Help Topics in Paint.NET.

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