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Shochi's Studio - Evening Clouds + Sphere 7/2/2017


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Hello Friends

The last post of new beginnings from up was my first of this kind animation i really enjoy of doing.

It's was good experience of making layers in complex way of mapping.

I thought maybe i will make a tutorial of how to make this kind of image.:roll:

It took me 62 images of making it.;)

The background contain the following effects:



3. Colors of blur

4. Surface blur

The animation of the cube is empty layer with grid on it which been effect to 3D, so that how we got the grid cube

The glowing was solution of the layer option which got his pink/purple colors in Reflect mode.

So if you have a question you want to ask, be my guest. i would be more then delight to give you some answers.:D





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This image contain several effects:

1.Background which made of Free hand drawing on kaleidoscope + zoom blur + surface blur

2. The glob made of grid layer + 3D to sphere + glow + Trouser Flare

Music also my personal creation:



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The video designated to all paint.net developers who contribute to community with special plugins and ideas of Art.

i would like to special tnx to @Rick Brewster

who gave  this wonderful software as free.

what I was doing without you man.

the video called sci-fi dream because of technology which moving forward fast to future. And I think it's going to be A Big Bang ? somewhere there.??


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