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Internal Update Installer Ignores .EXE Source Folder

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Confusing title, I know. Allow me to explain.


I have Paint.NET installed in an external USB device to make it portable and I just updated it to v.4.0.10 using the program's internal update checker/installer. After the update was complete, I launched it to see what's new.....except I launched v.4.0.5, the previous version I had.


So where did the new version go to? As it turns out, the update process installs where Paint.NET is set by default, inside the PC's program folder, not in the folder where the program was launched from.


Is this normal behavior? It doesn't seem like it is. Considering the update installer didn't ask me where to install it, I though it would replace the files where the program was launched from, which sounds perfectly reasonable, like common sense.


On a related side note, I downloaded Paint.NET's full installer as well in case the update process didn't work correctly. While the full installer is for brand new installs (obviously), it's annoying that I have to go through the initial installation settings when I want to use this as a manual update. Is it possible to have a 3rd option at the start of the installation where it functions as an update to a previous existing version? And can I tell it where the previous version is located so it can then update/replace those files?

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You can't install Paint.NET to a USB stick, at least not with the real installer. It won't let you. So if you copy it out to a USB stick and do an update, things aren't going to work correctly. This isn't a bug -- you just pushed Paint.NET way outside the bounds of what it is designed and tested for.


The full installer works just fine for updates. Or, if you want, it even works for downgrades. It will always uninstall any existing version of Paint.NET, and then install its version. If you use "Quick" settings it will always use the settings that Paint.NET is already installed with.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Yep, I knew I forgot to mention something. *sigh* Just when I was about to edit the original post again.....
I didn't launch the update from the USB, nor did I installed it fresh into the USB. I installed it normally then I copied the folder onto the USB device. After fixing an issue with it, it works just fine from the USB, although it runs a little bit slower, which I expected.
Before the update, I copy-pasted the folder back into a computer' desktop then launched the update from the PC's hard drive, not from the USB device.
I hope that clears things up. Does that help at all?

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