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Pasting image into empty Paint.Net - Available options

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When pasting an image into Paint.Net, you are only given two options:

  1. Expand the canvas
  2. Keep it the same size

The problem I'm having is with "Expand Canvas".   It will fit the image, but if you have a long vertical image, but the canvas is wider by default, you end up with white space.


Can we add a simple third option here, "Fit To Image"?


It at least keeps the image area selected, so I can just "Crop" ... but why the extra step?


I included an example where of "Expand Canvas" where it requires the cropping, but I feel shouldn't if that option could be added.


On paste (where we could use a third option, "Fit to Image"):




The resulting, needless white-space:




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I think what you're looking for is Ctrl-Alt-V (Edit > Paste into new image).


True, I do use that, because I have to.


Wouldn't it be better when you paste an image with CTRL+V, to just have the dialog offer this option?


What would you say 99.999% of users are going to do when they have an image on the clipboard and go into Paint.Net?


Hit CTRL+V to paste it in there, or hit an unknown keyboard command (or hunt around in menus)?


It just feels like a UX issue that could use attention.

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It expands an existing canvas to minimally to accept the clipboard image. If one dimension (height in your example) is all that is required - then that is all that is altered.


Like BoltBait said: paste into new image rather than forcing the clipboard image into an existing canvas, or you can create a new image (Ctrl+N) and it will have the same dimensions as the clipboard image.

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I realize all this, but opening an empty instance if Paint.Net, and pasting an image, I guarantee the user expects the canvas to fit the image.


The reason is that the user never said they wanted a canvas.  The X,Y dimensions of a default canvas don't matter in this case, because the user wants to paste a brand new image into the empty application.


Instead, they get the image, plus a bunch of needless whitespace, because the application forced this on them due to a default canvas being stretched in proportion.


I don't know ... it just feels very unnatural to me.  Just suggesting something that would possibly help out new users, and make me not have to reach for CTRL+ALT+V (it's awkward, even after being a developer for over 20 years ... left pinky on CTRL, middle finger on ALT, index finger crossing over to V ... and I have to look to make sure).


Or, I could paste like I do everywhere else with CTRL+V and have my image pasted and the canvas sized to fit.


Like I said, I love this program, using since '04 ... I just donated money. 


Just some suggestions to help keep improving.

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