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v4.0.10: View not centred after resize

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I've noticed a quirk in v4.0.10: When you reduce an image's size, P.N doesn't center the new view as it used to, but leaves it scrolled off to the left. To reproduce:
1. Open an image larger than your display, then view it at its actual size.
2. Reduce the image's size.
3. The new image appears scrolled to the left, only partly visible.
This seems to happen only the first time you resize during a session; subsequent re-sizings work normally until you exit and restart P.N.
I also have a small suggestion for the forum itself:
When you're not signed in, a button appears on each thread that says "Sign in to post a reply." It's not a link, though, just a graphic; to sign in, you must scroll to the top of the page and click "Sign in". Wouldn't it be convenient if the the button were a link to the sign-in page too?
  • Nope, the no-recentre quirk can happen during the same session. It seems random.
  • The button actually says "Log in to post a reply", though the top link says "Sign in". Good thing you're not obsessive like me, or you'd want to fix that.  ;?)


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