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[Bug, fixed in next update] Zoom error [4.0.10]

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When I had the second to latest, 4.0.x that was not 4.0.10, I could zoom and the image would automatically center. When I was 4.0.x I ran Windows 7. When I upgraded to Windows 10, I updated Paint.net to 4.0.10 where this zoom thing happens. In 4.0.x, the image would always be centered on zoom using the Zoom tool. In 4.0.10, the zoom is wherever the zoom tool was clicked, making me have to pan the image back to center every time. This is excruciating, and I don't know if this is a bug, or a Windows 10 error, or a new feature they're trying out. Can I disable this? Attached link shows 4.0.10 zoom function.



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Rick has conceded that the Zoom tool is broken in the latest build.

Workaround: either use Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom or press Ctrl + B twice to recenter the image.

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