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Export function as extension of the "save as ..."

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It would be useful to export a pdn file to another format, this means the generated file is of the exported type but the format in paint.net doesn't change.

For example you have a picture with more layers and you want to export to png format different combinations of the layers: one with layers 1,2 and 3, another with layers 1,2 and 4, and a third one with layers 1,2,3 and 5. Now after every save in png format you have to reload the picture in pdn format to save the next one.

An export function would be more user friendly, because it doesn't force the user to reload the pdn file of the picture after each save in another format.


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Here's how I would handle this


1. Deselect the layers you don't want in the Layers window.


2. Select the entire canvas with Ctrl + A.


3. Press Ctrl + Shift + C (copy merged)


4. Press Ctrl + Alt + V (paste into new image).


5. Save it in whatever format.

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