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I am having problem uploading a image i created using your paint program.

after i saved the image i went to tinypic.com to upload this image as a host to i can use it for my youtube background but it keeps saying its invalid and must be in lpg/gif etc etc...can any1 please! please help me with this problem! :cry:

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Hello mcdbaseballer, and a loud welcome to you too.

It is strongly advised that you review the Rules, in particular [rule=3]Rule #3[/rule]. As you will read when you click on the link, typing in all capitals is considered rude as this is usually the textual version of raising your voice; you can imagine that we don't want to be shouted at ;).

Because of this, I'm going to lock your topic. This doesn't stop you from posting again, in fact, we'd be more than happy to extend the hand of help when you need it.

And speaking of help, you will want to read number 1 of the following tutorial as this will answer your plea: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6270

Topic locked

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