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Feature Suggestions for later versions


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Hello, forum.


A few functions I think will benefit users of the program in terms of productivity and comfort:

  • The ability to erase in several layers simultaneously, useful for example when some change has to be made several places in which case this would save time. The way I see it implemented is; select the layers to be edited, then use the Eraser tool. That assumes the Layers list can be changed to allow multiple selected layers, I assume that is doable. Alternatively, a checkbox for each layer to indicate whether to edit it simultaneously or not. Further, this could be practical for the Brush tool as well. Time can be saved this way as repetitive work is minimized.


  • A selection tool similar or equal to the Brush selection tool in Photoshop. If I knew how to make plug-ins for Paint.NET I would try to implement this myself, but having it as a default tool would be the best. It should increase productivity a lot. This is not Magnetic lasso selection.


  • When hovering the mouse over a step in the History list, a tooltip style notification appears; displaying the parameters used for the Adjustment or Effect that was used. It will be easier to maintain control over what was done over time, especially when trying new techniques/combinations of effects etc. Just seeing the tooltip/popup would be an OK non-intrusive/safe way.

Additionally; how about saving parts of history (the combination of effects & adjustments) to be re-used at a later time, like macros?


  • Lastly, please see this clip about computer colors and color blending: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKnqECcg6Gw Paint.NET, as most other software in the category, blends colors “the wrong way” and I would be delighted to see the correct model implemented. Again, this is something I would try to implement myself as a plug-in, but I can’t for the time being.


What are your thoughts?



Lastly, please excuse me if I'm repeating known suggestions here.

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There are tools like the Paint bucket, magic wand and color picker that support multi-layer. I think the painting tools like the brush and the eraser do have reasons to have multi-layer support as well.


The brush type selection is cool. The current way of doing this would be to add a new layer over your image, paint a color on the areas you want the selection to be, click on the empty spaces using magic wand and invert selection then go back to the original background layer of the image. The Alpha Mask plugin can also help with that, however I do agree that a brush-like selection tool would be nice. I could use it myself.

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It would be so nice to be able to better manipulate an object marked with the LASSO tool. It is so hard to get it precise around an object with only the four standard handles to shape the lasso.


So my request is this: Please add or allow for more numerous drag-handles on a selection - especially with the Lasso tool. That would be a huge help!


Thanks, guys! :)

Ketchup Kid

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