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Chocolatey installer

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Half year ago I switched to chocolatey to install and maintain up to date (almost) all the installed software on my laptop.

There is also a package for paint.net, but alas the it is broken, outdated and abandoned.

It would be nice, if paint.net would claim the ownership of the chocolatey package and maintain it.

I can already hear the opposers saying that paint.net has its own auto update mechanism, but there is a big difference between chocolatey and the paint.net auto update mechanism: Chocolatey would update paint.net automatically when I don't use it, so the next time that I need it, it is already updated. Instead the auto update mechanism of paint.net kicks in exactly when you don't want it, namely when you start paint.net. Because, when you start an application, it is because you need and want to use that application right now and you don't want to wait to download the installer of the new version, then install the new version, then maybe restart the computer too and after 20 minutes eventually you can use it. This is exactly what you don't want. I love programs that update themselves automatically, because I don't have time to waste in front of a downloader and installer screen, it is a very tedious and simple process, which can be automatized and executed when you don't need the computer, for example during the night. And I'm not the only one of this opinion, because the chocolatey package of paint.net has already been installed 70,000 times, which means that there are about 70,000 other people of mine opinion, and if the package will be fixed even more.

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