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Not enough memory to paste from the clipboard

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Having established a background picture I now wish to place another on it. I choose the picture and copy it to the clipboard, I then get the following message "not enough memory to paste from the clipboard". the desktop computer has 4Gbs of memory installed usable about  %3.75. I think I have shut down every thing that uses memory but this caption still keeps popping up.

Any help would be appreciated


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I also have 4gbs of memory and I get the same message from time to time. Specially when I have used large images and many layers. To solve this I try to eliminate as many layers as possible but this may not be enough to import another image. 


So, save whatever you are workning on. Close paint.net and start it again (This clears memory). Open your PDN file and try copying the image again. If this does not work then you need to reduce the number of layers, Or work with smaller sizez. Or buy more memory.

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