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Faux HDR

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I made a Faux HDR image today in PDN. A real HDR image would require multiple exposures and is not suitable for a moving target like my image, so I did the next best thing.


1) I selected the blown out sky with the magic wand tool set @ 12% for my case, then delete.

2) I used BoltBait's "Old Feather" plugin to clean up what was left.

3) I added a blank layer below and applied a gradient to make the sky.

4) I added Clouds and some blur to make a reasonable looking sky.

5) I tweaked the contrast and Saturation.






Not too shabby for 15 minutes of work.

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That is a striking difference, dipstick.   Wonderful!     :)

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Thanks everyone for the  kind remarks.


Yes I forgot a step or two, I modified the 1st post to reflect that. I shoot and edit quite a bit from time to time and usually move quickly through the editing process. I often duplicate the layer and throw a bunch of filters at it, then use the opacity slider to fine tune the amount of adjustments I want to apply. I may enter this image in a photo contest. If I do, I'll be sure to credit Paint.NET as the image editor used.


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