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Adding pictures to an existing back ground

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Having created a background picture I have now added to the background another picture by going to, Layers import from file, this works fine I can resize it and move it around ok

Now I try to add another picture using them same procedure, I can neither move this one or reduce it in size.

can any one help me.   Thank you


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Hello enidan80,


The last picture you imported is still showing the selection lines all around  --------- If not, you need to use the selection tool so you can resize  or move.


I can not think of anything else.... perhaps you are not working in the correct layer, you may be working on a transparent layer.

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Yes the last picture does have selection lines round it and I can move them, but the picture remains  static. All the pictures are saved as PDN files.  what is even strange is the the first picture on the background  will move and resize with no problem at all.

Thank you for your reply much appreciated.


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