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Thank you all for the warm welcome! I will definitely be adding more on here as time goes on. 


I'm not that good with manips (yet), but I couldn't pass doing one up in regards to Eve Torres and Wonder Woman. It could be better, but it's not too shabby for my first try, though! :) 



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If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion, for the Eve Torres photo, you might experiment with two effects. The first is the built-in Effects>Blurs>Surface Blur, and the second is Michael Vinther's intriguing plugin, Effects>Photo>Laplacian pyramid filter. Both can be used to add a more digitally-painted look to photos, which I think would help blend the photo with the drawn image. The Laplacian pyramid filter is usually used to enhance details, but for a digital look, it's used to smooth the details. It often works well to follow up with the built-in Effects>Photo>Sharpen.


There's also a tutorial by WelshBlue on how to Get the Digitally Painted Look.

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I will definitely keep that in mind and will try it out. Thanks for the tip!


This photo I wanted to make a "comic-book" like as possible:




And this photo, I wanted to take a "darker" approach on it, when compared to the original:



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Welcome @CRayChosen1!  Interesting photo manips.  Yes. you definitely have your own style...keep up the good work!


Looking forward to seeing more.    :)

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I'm back! I promise, no one had ran me away from here. I've just been busy with life and trying to get a job (easier said than done in my area). But enough about my struggles...here's some stuff I've recently done. 

I redid the Eve Torres-Gracie as Wonder Woman photo manip and took MJW's advice on using Surface Blur (and made a few more visual modifications) and loved this one far better than the original one I posted. 




And I took a PNG of The Wyatt Family, combined it with a destroyed town background, and made some cool modificaitons (Sharpen, Oil Painting, among others) and knocked this one out of the park, IMHO.



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