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[request] For A Forum Avatar

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Yeh, I want a cool forum avatar. And, well, lets face it, you guys are the best. soooo could somebody please make me a forum avatar. I dont think this is against the rules, is it? Well, anyway, if somebody could do it, it would be most appreciated.



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I'm sure it would be more satisfying to make your own. The guys here for the most part are real nice, no biting is really allowed.

and there are a few people that will guide you thru things. and always there are tut's and tut's and tut's galore for sigs that can be modified for avatars.

pick something and try to do a bit yourself and then pop it into the pictorium hospital for some help on improving your skills.

welcome to our forum and I will check into the hospital with bandaids and spoonfuls of medicine ... later to see who has been kind enough to give you some assistance. Remember read the rules the size is listed there for sigs and avatars

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oh ok, i didnt know if thats what it meant. Anyway, thanks for the welcome. :D . And i know the sizes for avvys and sigs. Because, well, i really know what to do, i just cant do it properly lol. Ive tried, and so far failed, miserably.

This was the attempt:


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Unfortunatly, I believe this is against the rules: specifically rule 23 (no soliciting)...
Perfectly correct. These Forums are primarily a support forum whereby you can receive help for technical issues for Paint.NET, or towards the art created with Paint.NET - however, not to have the finished product handed to you ;).

We always advise users to try it themselves first (as oma directed). If you choose otherwise, then there are other graphic forums on the Internet which either cater specifically for such requests, or have sections dedicated to these requests. A quick Google search would provide some good examples.

Now, don't be despondent as there are two things you should know before walking away: 1) you're more than welcome to post again and we'd be happy to help you out, this doesn't mean you can't (we will not black-list you or think badly of you); and 2) follow oma's advice - it's fantastic...

can you perhaps just put what you've done so far in the hospital . Give a brief outline of steps you've done and where you want it to end up. That's the most constructive and productive way to learn. You see we want you to become a pro along with everyone else.

Love to hear from you soon :).

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