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How to select specific parts of clothing/body VERY CORRECTLY??

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I want to recolor some photos, but problem is that I do not know a very accurate way to select a specific piece of clothing or a object in photo. For example I can use selection tool + Ctrl to slowly select part by part but it selects other objects like walls and background or skin even if I experiment with tolerance. I have also tried it with Lasso select, but my hand is not so accurate because I am using mouse and there always are ugly parts left unselected or vice-versa I select too much.


Is there any effective way how to select specific parts of a photo very easily?


Thank you...

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One method I've used, which I think works reasonably well, is to add a transparent level above the image, then use the Paintbrush to paint over the region of interest in a contrasting color. Since you can use different bush sizes, and correct mistakes with Undo, I think it's much easier than using the lasso. Once the area is painted, you can select the painted region, then deactivate the new layer and use the section on the original image. Similarly, you can duplicate the image, switch off the original layer, then use the eraser to erase the region interest.


If the original shape doesn't have holes, you can just paint the edge on the transparent layer, select the outside with the Magic Wand (in contiguous mode), and reverse the selection.

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Before reaching for plugins, have you tried the Recolor Tool :RecoloringTool: ?


The beauty of this tool is that it recolors pixels without the need for a selection.


1. Set primary color to the Hex code for the new color.

2. Use color picker tool pdn35icons.ColorPickerToolIcon.png to select the shade that you want replaced. Set this color to Secondary by picking the color using the right mouse button.

3. Set the brush width to something appropriate for the image size.

4. Wind the tolerance down to around 20%

5. Cover the image in sweeping movements of the mouse with the left button held down.

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