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Newbie's Pantone and conversion questions :)

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Hi All! I'm three weeks into using Paint.Net and am enjoying the experience, but I'm stuck on two big little things that i'm hoping you pro's can help me with :)

What I'm trying to do is enter a local design competition but, as I'm unable to afford Adobe illustrator, I've been trying to do my design in Paint.Net. I've sussed out the basics and my 'competition entry' is finished but now I've come across 2 problems:

1 - The competition only accepts submissions in Illustrator file or jpeg, but my works saved as a pdn/ Paint.Net image. How can i convert the file into jpeg or Illustrator?

2 - How do I find the pantone code for the colours I've used. and would the pantone colours be the same n Paint.Net as they are in illustrator or other programs?

I would really like to submit my piece by the end of the week, so if anyone is able to help me in any way with theses questions I'd really appreciate it! Thanks for your time :)

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

For your first problem, there is no way to save as an Illustrator file. However, to save as a JPG, all you have to do is flatten your image, hit Save As, and select JPG from the File Type dropdown menu.

Call me expired. Please.


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There are no Pantone codes in Paint.NET. You'd have to see if there was a Pantone to HEX or RGB, or even HSV code conversion somewhere online.

And my two cents...Pantone colors are worthless, as in my past experience, they are just dyes, which over time, fade terribly.

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Change the image I'm saving to jpeg? That's pure genius that is! THANK YOU, I can't beive it was staring me in the face but i probably never would have figured it out!

Thank you all for your input, i'll check out that pantone thing too :D

I trid logging in through AOL earlier but the site kept logging me out. Does AOL not like this site :roll:

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