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Poker table image - how to?

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Hello all,


First of all please excuse everything that's wrong with this post from probably being in the wrong thread, off topic and who knows what else...


I am in a bind and need some help, I've been trying to do this on my own now for a few days made progress but am worried will not have it done in time.


We are having a charity poker tournament and received new software to run it on, many visial elements of the soft ware can be customized and that is why I am here.


These are the directions posted: http://www.briggsoft.com/docs/pmavens/Templates.htm


I've gotten as far as having 2 layers, with basic colors, the background being that of a background image I found online but I want to make this really

special for them, I want to know if/how to use graphics in the bodies and everything else that's possible how to make the logo look really slick, I was worrying over how it was possible to just get the words of the logo as a single image or layer.


If someone could post a 'How to edit a poker table for a charity event using this software for dummys!' it would be very much appreciated and sorry if I interrupted anything.


I would like to make something as nice as these tables made by other people: http://www.briggsoft.com/pmavens_custom.htm



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The users here on this site are not here to do your work for you. But, we'd be glad to help you when you get stuck on something specific.

The link you first listed is written for the advanced graphics user and it is pretty straight forward.

If you are under a tight deadline, and you aren't already an advanced graphics artist, perhaps you aren't the person for the job. If this is the case, you should probably hire someone... just not someone on this web site.

If you still want to give it a go, post your current image and the specific problem you're having and someone will help you with that issue.

EDIT: Here is a tutorial to give you an idea on how hard it might be to make your individual items: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12287-

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Hey Rich! Welcome to the forum :D


I've split your question into it's own thread, so we can concentrate on an individual solution for you.


The trick here is to use layers. Lots of them. I recommend one new layer for each element in the image. Like this...




The a basic table can be created with the Shapes tool on the first layer above the background.


Select your preferred colors (Primary & Secondary) and then the Ellipse Shape + Filled with Outline in the fill options in the toolbar.




Drag out an ellipse on the layer.


Now add a new layer above the table layer.


Drag out a disc (hint: hold down the Shift key forces an ellipse to be circular)  over one of the 'places' locations.


Now you have one table and one place. Time to flash these up.


Use the Drop Shadow plugin on the table layer to add a lighting effect.




Repeat the drop shadow on the place layer.


Once you have the basic shape of the 'place' - you can duplicate the layer and use the Move Tool :MoveTool: to reposition the disc. Repeat for all the required places.


^^ that should get you started.

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Please do keep us posted. If you include images (upload them to a hosting site & post the link here), we can see what you're aiming for & offer suggestions along the way.

BTW remember to save you work as a *.pdn image. This is the only format which preserves the layer structure! After the obligatory *.pdn save, use File > Save As.... to save as a PNG or jpg for sharing.

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I will Ego thanks.. I wanted to get started on this earlier but some other stuff came up so am diving into it now.. :)An


And thought I had replied to 'BoltBait' earlier but guess not.. anyways a little advice, in the future might be a good idea if you took the time to make sure you understood what a 'new' member was trying to convey in a message instead of jumping to your own conclusion that does no good except leave said member feeling unwelcome and yourself like a condescending  know it all..


Sorry, was really hoping I wasn't going to get someone posting exactly that when I had made my original post and replies like that leave people not even wanting to bother to ask for for help anymore. Incredibly counterproductive not to mention rude & arrogant.

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As you can imagine from my reply, we get a ton of requests for "Can't you just do it for me?" which is why we have a Forum Rule about that.

Sorry if it came off rude, but those types of requests really do get old quick.


If you're willing to do the work yourself, awesome! Welcome to the forum! We'll be glad to help you if you get stuck.

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