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I cannot use saved colors in my color palette.

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I'm new to paint.net so it might be me missing something but I cannot use the colors I've saved in my color palette. I mean when I've pressed the folder icon the colors you've saved come up and some other options, that's where I've saved it. I choose which one of the saved colors I want to use by left clicking on it but nothing happens. Is this a bug?


Edit: Maybe I shouldn't have posted this question here. If that's the case you have my apologize. I don't know how to remove it if that's what I should do.

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Thank you @ReMake for your answer, that's what I've tried though. Everything works except that the color doesn't change when I do that. For example if I have two palettes, MyPallete for red and MyPallete_2 for blue, and I select either of them my current color(let's say green) doesn't change to either red or blue. I suppose it's a bug then. Should I report this?


Edit: Oh also I should probably mention that it has worked before but at some point stopped working.

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Ref: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ColorsWindow.html

Are you selecting (clicking on) the individual color in the color swatch (item #6 on the linked page)?

Left click should set the Primary color to the shade you clicked on. Right click on the swatch sets the Secondary color (item #3). Are either of these actions working?

Another thought....

Once you select and open your saved palette - is it loaded into the color swatch or does the palette remain the default one?

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The problem I'm having is I click on the folder at nr 5 (Palette Controls). Then I see a drop-down list of my saved palettes (I think those are what's called palettes at least) and three options which are(through my rough translation to English):  1: Save current palette as. 2: Open palette-folder. 3: Reset to the standard palette.


Once I've left clicked on one of my saved palettes from that drop-down list nothing happens except the drop-down list goes away until I open it again.


If I left click on the color wheel (nr 4) the selected color changes, primary or secondary. Right clicking on the wheel does the same, changes the selected color. Also if I left click on a color swatch (nr 6) the primary color changes to that and if I right click on a color swatch the secondary color (nr 3) changes to the that color.


I'm really sorry but I don't understand the last question. Although I can read and write English it's sometimes difficult for me :)

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The drop down list shows saved palettes at the top. If nothing is changing then your saved palette is exactly the same as the default one.

Try this:

1. Use the drop down list > Save Current Palette As... to save the current palette under a new filename.

2. Use the drop down list > Open Palettes Folder to navigate to the saved palette. You can ID it by the filename. It will have the extension .txt.


3. Double-click the saved palette to open in in NotePad. Edit the top value from FF000000 to FFFF0000. Save it.


4. Go back to paint.net & reload the saved palette by clicking on the filename at the top of the drop down list.


5. The top left color in the color swatch should be RED. That should confirm that palettes are being correctly loaded and saved.

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