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Suggestion: auto-update that won't affect *current* session?

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I like that Paint.NET always checks for new versions and installs them automatically, but inevitably when I open Paint.NET it's because I need to edit an image RIGHT NOW and waiting several minutes for the install is never an easy decision. I often skip it because I don't want to wait.

Also, when I open PDN via right-clicking on an image in explorer and choosing "edit", if I accept the auto-update it won't automatically open up the image... I need to go find it again.

Could the auto-update process be streamlined to be less intrusive to the current editing session? Some suggestions:

- can it be faster?

- can you install a new rev in parallel to the current session, and offer the option to make the new version "active" the next time I start PDN? (Firefox does this-- great feature!)

- can you restart with the new version without losing current state (e.g. current files open)?

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