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Program crashes at open with

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Hello there,

For some reason out of the sudden Open-with function (right click at the file) stopped working for me (Windows 7 64 bit). I cant really tell after what this started to happen. The message I get when I try to open Paint.net with an argument is:




Translating the first sentence to english it says that "value cannot be zero". Also I tried reinstalling, didnt help.

I would apreciate all help regarding this, I can provide additional information if needed.



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You don't have a WINDIR environment variable for some reason. I'd be surprised if lots of other things aren't crashing.


1. Go to the System control panel

2. Click on "Advanced system settings"

3. Go go the "Advanced" tab

4. click on the "Environment variables..." button

5. At the bottom, in the group "System variables", click the "New..." button

6. For "Variable name:" type windir

7. For "Variable value" type in the location of your Windows directory, e.g. C:\Windows

8. Click OK, then click OK, then click OK


You might have to log out and then log in.

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After I restarted my PC it started working. I went to system variables panel to check for windir and it is there. I am not sure however either it was before restart. If it happens next time i will know to look for this. Thank you for answer.

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