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Flattening a grayscale image to one layer

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Will Paint.net allow me to do this?

Convert an image (jpeg etc.) to grayscale, and then flatten it to one layer to place in a document at a resolution of at least 300 DPI

If so, could someone lead me through it step-by-step? Thank you.

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Greetings Sport.

Of course Paint.NET can do those things, quite quickly as well.

Regarding the greyscaling of your image, first open up the image in question then proceed to Adjustments menu > Black and White. If you wish for greater control over the colour channels with the adjustment (red, green and blue channels that is), I would suggest Tom Jackson's Advanced Desaturation effect included along with his Fire Effect pack. Although for the most part, the standard Black and White will do just fine.

There is no flattening needed for this as it all, if it is a one layer image, can be done on the single layer. If it is multi-layered, however, you will have to run the adjustment on each layer individually where you can then flatten via the menu command Image > Flatten.

Your 300 DPI document is equally as simply, too. Go to File > New, enter in the dimensions of the document you wish (you have a choice of units: pixels under the Pixel size subheading; and centimetres and inches under the Print size subheading). Before accepting the new document, you will want to enter in your resolution of 300 pixels per inch (DPI) in the Resolution field, keeping the option beside this to 'pixels/inch'. You may now accept by clicking OK.

Select all (Edit > Copy) your greyscaled image and paste it (Edit > Paste) onto your new document.

That should be all, but if you encounter any problems with this, please don't hesitate to ask further.

Don't forget that you can always refer to the Help Documentation whenever you want to (Internet connection permitting of course) through Help menu> Help Topics.

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